The test-prototype was hand-built by Reinhold Schwemmer to test the functionality of the bike. He tested the bike for 10,000 Km (6,000 miles). The test was very important for designing the GEROS Wood bike.

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The GEROS Wood bike:

The GEROS road racing frame is made out of very high quality New Zealand timber. We are talking about wood which has been used for hundreds of years in boat building and house building. We are talking about boats and houses which have lasted for up to 300 years life.

At the same time the GEROS road bicycle is made using the most modern technology as used in the airplane and car building industry. The design of the bicycle is based on 26 years of bicycle engineering knowledge. It´s computer designed (CAD) with 3D modelling and computer aided manufactured (CAM) with lots of computer aided routing (CNC). Just to have an idea of the amount of work: each frame needs more CNC cutting than what is needed to make one mould for manufacturing a carbon composite frame.