2. Layout for CNC plank routing

150409 routing basic

The Designer of GEROS Wood bike

German Eslava has been involved in cycling for over 40 years not only racing but mainly as an engineer. After been involved in computer work he has designed bicycles for the last 26 years. German has designed all type of bicycles e.g. MTB, touring-bikes, e-bikes, road-bikes, recumbents and velomobiles. During the last 10 years he concentrated his development work more and more onto road-racing bicycles a passion from his youth times. He has been working with different materials from steel, over titanium, aluminium and has work a lot with carbon frames. His desire to make the best road racing bike out of all worlds brought him to work with wood. He has been testing prototypes with his long-time partner Reinhold Schwemmer in Germany and in Italy now.